Novozymes and Syngenta join in fungi fight

Enzyme maker Novozymes and crop breeder Syngenta are entering into an exclusive global marketing and distribution agreement on a unique biofungicide used to combat damaging fungal diseases across a range of crops.

The two companies join in an exclusive global marketing and distribution agreement on the microbial-based biofungicide Taegro, a natural solution with multiple modes of action used to combat fungal diseases across various crops.

The two companies will join forces to bring Novozymes’  Taegro to farmers worldwide through Syngenta’s global organisation.

Combating fungal diseases with sustainable technologies
Taegro offers a biological solution in the form of a microbial-based fungicide, based on the naturally occurring Bacillus subtilis bacterium, which is complementary to existing fungicide technology.

It effectively targets fungal diseases such as Rhizoctonia and Fusarium on fruit and vegetables, and its application is expected to be expanded to a wider portfolio of broad-acre crops such as wheat, soy and corn.

Syngenta will be responsible for sales, marketing and distribution, while Novozymes will be responsible for production and registration. Trials are planned to secure data to continue to build on the current US registration in other regions, following which the two companies aim for a global rollout.


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