IHSIG announces second symposium

IHSIG members are pleased to announce a second symposium, entitled Antimicrobial resistance, linked to intestinal health and animal production, which will take place March 12 - 13, 2013 in Monasterium PoortAckere in Ghent, Belgium.

Currently, Europe and several countries have banned the use of antimicrobials for growth promotion; however the use of antimicrobials as prophylactic measures at the farm level is still a widely used practice. Their indiscriminate use is known to contribute to the emergence of bacteria resistant to one or more antimicrobials. Due to the potential spread of resistance genes and resistant bacteria in animal production, public health authorities start to pressure the poultry industry for their reduced use both in feed and in water.

The objectives of the second ihsig symposium is to give science-driven information on the use of antimicrobials and its consequences to clarify and explain resistance induction; to review the implications this has in animal production; and the existent regulations. Also, regulatory issues will be reviewed. It is important for ihsig to exchange ideas and create a platform for producers and the industry to learn how the industry will deal in the future with decreased use of antimicrobials.

A practical session on antimicrobial resistance determination in the laboratories of Ghent University will be guided by Dr. Boyen. Also, a session on poultry dissection will be offered for those who want to continue their practical education on intestinal health evaluation in poultry. This session will be offered by Dr. De Gussem, Prof. Hafez and Dr. Kaldhusdal.

Call for papers and poster presentations
The ihsig group invites the industry, scientists and students to present their recent work on intestinal health during short presentations and poster sessions.

Please fill in the template at www.ihsig.com before February 10, 2013. The ihsig group members will evaluate and decide on participation.


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