News last update:6 Aug 2012

Jacob pipework systems broadens range of products

Jacob pipework sytems introduces several additions to current products ranges for 2012.

The patented Jacob Earthing Bridge is now complemented with a new model – the Universal Earthing Bridge. This modification replaces the earthing cable traditionally used for the electrostatic potential equalisation of pipe systems. Because the bridge is fixed to the pull-ring using simple screw-fixings, no welding work is required, even when retrofitting to existing systems is called for.
The diversity of additional abrasion protection systems and moreover non-stick coatings is demonstrated by differently lined pipes and fittings. A wide variety of lining materials and thicknesses are available. among them PU linings or special brand-name linings with thicknesses of 2 to 8 mm, which are used to line the inside of the pipes to maximise their service life. The linings can also be provided at food-grade standard.
The Jacob “Hygiene Distributor” has been built for wherever the requirement for frequent cleaning of the inner surfaces necessitates quick and easy disassembly and reassembly of the parts. Due to the new design of the distributor, this can be achieved even when installed. The entire shaft and flap components can be removed and refitted easily without the use of any additional tools.
Finally, Jacob pipework systems offers practical aids, such as the new version (2.1)  of its 3D service. This feature enables customers to insert the required pipe system components into their design drawings.

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