News last update:7 Aug 2012

Yvan Dejaegher new chairman of Feed Design Lab

The board of the Open Innovation Center Feed Design Lab in its meeting of January 30 has appointed Ir. Yvan Dejaegher (Belgium) as the new independent chairman of the Foundation Board.

When setting up the Feed Design Lab in The Netherlands an international organization has always been the starting point.
It is an important principle the appointment of an independent chairman of the board with knowledge of the total protein and feed column, FDL writes in a press release.
Yvan Dejaegher, is Director General of Bemefa, Vice President of Ovocom, member of the Core Group EUFETEC and is agricultural engineer by training and specialised in marketing. Dejaegher started his career at Bemefa in 1988.
Bemefa is the professional association of approximately 170 Belgian manufacturers, they represent 99% of the Belgian national feed production.
EUFETEC is a collaboration of European feed industry and research institutes in EU research programs.
OVOCOM the Belgian consultation platform for companies active in the animal feed chain. The main objective of this platform is to contribute to safe food and feed safety (GMP).
In 2010 Dejaegher was awarded the Miller of the Year Award by the Dutch compound feed industry, a reward for his great earnings for the sector in Belgium and for his efforts to place animal feed internationally and in the chain on the map.
Yvan Dejaegher: "Innovation starts with people working together to come to the necessary renewal of the feed industry. The FDL is a unique initiative to which I offer my assistance with pleasure. It strengthens the EU regional Cooperation in feed and is a necessary basis for further cooperation in the chain to achieve a sustainable farming. "
The board of FDL is as follows:
• Y. Dejaegher - President (Belgium, BEMEFA, Chain Feed)
• D. De Vriendt - Vice-president (Belgium, DSM Nutrional Products, Ingredients)
• J. Janssen - treasurer / secretary (Netherlands, Vitelia, Feed)
• St. Valk – member (Netherlands, HAS Den Bosch, Education)
• H. Lier – member (Netherlands, Imtech Industrial Services, Technology)

Harrij Schmeitz, director FDL: "The board is very pleased with the commitment / cooperation of Yvan Dejaegher to further develop the Feed Design Lab together with the other board members. His international network and experience in the total chain from farm to fork is a tremendous aid to the FDL Community.”

Dick Ziggers

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