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Is Feed Technology a good career?

Dick Ziggers
Recently Victor from Norway contacted me. He was, let's say “annoyed”. Victor graduated from the Norwegian University of Life Sciences with an MSc in Feed Manufacturing Technology. He applied to all the feed companies in Norway for internships, and was rejected. The excuses given were unreasonable, some were even reluctant to reply.

Also within my own family I am experiencing the same situation. My son is nearly finished with his MSc Mechanical Engineering at Twente University in the Netherlands. He has to do a three month internship in a foreign country. He wants to get hands-on experience in a commercial operation (instead of a university, which is also an option) in Australia. All in all he has sent out some 15 requests. So far he has received denials or simply no reply at all.
Why is it so difficult for (feed) technology graduates without previous experience and connections to penetrate the job market? Even common opportunities to get practical experience after graduation is becoming a terrible bore.
Many (feed) industries want highly qualified and experienced technologists while they are unable or unwilling to provide internships and work experience training. When at conferences or doing interviews at feed operations, many managers complain to me about the quality of the work force and the difficulties in attracting qualified people - especially today where high tech is becoming a standard in feed technology.
You have to invest in people before you can enjoy the benefits of their work. And of course there is always the risk that they move on after having gaining the experience, and another company benefits from your input. But that’s all part of the game, happens everywhere.
But the current attitude of feed industries towards new graduates will not motivate students into this field and that simply means shortage of future scientists in the animal feed industry.
Perhaps it is not like this all over the world. I am curious to know if Feed Technology is still a good career.


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    Harrij Schmeitz - Feed Design Lab

    Yes, it is.... But it's true. To yield you have to sow....

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    So sad but true! it is happening not only in your country Victor, my experience however as a Nutritionist was that my own advisers did not support me to have my PhD degree in the same University where i got my MS in Animal Science. The reason was due to their own personal interest. . . they did not do their part as professor, instead, they were busy with their consultancies that made me late in my graduation for my masteral degree. . .

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    It happened to me too even i have PhD in aquaculture spacialist in fish nutrition. I guees it is highly confidentcial for whatever they do (feed industries) so it is not easy to let people know. I agree it is not motivate for newly graduate at all!

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    Well JJ, first of all I look at spelling and if a work ready PhD spell like you, then I have my doubts...

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