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San Miguel breaks ground for new feed mill

San Miguel Foods Company, the largest Filipino-owned feedmilling firm in the Philippines, held a groundbreaking ceremony at Villanueva town, where its 15-hectare plant will be established.

Norman A. Ramos, the firm’s vice president and general manager, said the company has found a niche in Villanueva and hoped to provide employment opportunities and push further development in the industrial town of the province.
Ramos said once the plant is operational by 2013, not less than 300 personnel would be hired locally, ranging from lowest to highest positions.
He said the establishment of the plant would also give opportunities to local farmers who would be supplying 11,000 tonnes of corn and 5,000 tonnes of cassava every month.
With a capacity of 60 tonnes per hour the new plant will be the biggest among its 41 other feed mill plants nationwide.

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