News last update:6 Aug 2012

Avivagen enters stock market under 'VIV' symbol

Effective 30 May the animal health division of Chemaphor, Avivagen Inc,. starts its commercial life with the stock exchange trading under the new ticker symbol "VIV" on the TSX Venture Exchange.

David Hankinson, CEO of Avivagen, said that "This formally recognizes the transition of the company from a purely research and development enterprise to a commercial organization that is committed to taking full advantage of the wide opportunities of our patented carotenoid technology (the "Technology") in the animal and human health markets.
“We are focused on leveraging our proprietary products through direct and partnered sales in various vertical markets and global territories."
"The new name was originally chosen for the company's animal health activities, to reflect the natural product focus of the company. We found the name was so well received that we determined that it was an ideal name to capture the new focus and commercial thrust of the entire company."
Three markets
Avivagen is executing a 3-stage strategy for commercialization of the Technology, targeting three major global markets:
  1. Companion animal and pet supplements for dogs, cats, horses and ornamental fish; 
  2. A natural feed supplement used in livestock production to increase productivity through enhanced health and safety instead of the current practice of using low dose antibiotics, and
  3. Human health applications based upon enhancement of immune function.
Avivagen reported earlier it has entered into an exclusive agreement for distribution of Avivagen's Oximunol chewable tablets for dogs through veterinarians in the US, and that the first order has been received and is being processed.
As part of expanding the companion animal market for the Technology Avivagen is preparing to directly market its own branded line of specialized pet products to consumers via the internet, specialty pet stores and pet boutiques.
Antibiotic alternative
An alternative to antibiotic feed additives for promoting health and productivity remains a major unmet need in the global livestock market.
Avivagen has developed from the Technology a robust and economical non-antibiotic alternative. The product works by supporting immune health to promote growth and feed conversion efficiency, and yet by its nature is expected to be safe for humans and animals alike.
The final step for commercialization is to carry out formal safety studies for regulatory approval.
Avivagen expects to achieve this through collaborative relationships with business partners that have worldwide experience in the production and distribution of feed additives.
Avivagen is advancing product candidates for the food animal market, companion animal market and various potential human applications.

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