News last update:6 Aug 2012

Muyang state of the art Sci-tech industrial park to open soon

On completion of the complex, Sci-tech industrial park will be the most advance production base dedicated to research, development, manufacturing and installation of feed & food machines and associated facilities.

The project began at a groundbreaking ceremony in spring 2010 in Hanjiang Economic Development Zone, Yangzhou, Jiangsu, China,
The park has an area of 500mu (33.3ha) and a total construction area of more than 200,000 m². The total investment frame for the new Muyang Sci-Tech Industrial Park is more than RMB 1.05 billion, equivalent to approx. 130 million EUR or 170 million USD.
The complex will also help Muyang achieve one of its "2015-strategic goals," to realize a turnover of over RMB 20 billion, equivalent to €2.4 billion orUS$ 3.2 billion.
In addition, the proposed construction of four to five production bases located abroad in the near future, the first being planned out in the Middle East.

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