News last update:6 Aug 2012

Fatrix products: rumen stability and intestinal availability confirmed

Schothorst Feed Research has confirmed in an experiment with fistulated cows that Fatrix Methionine is a rumen-stable methionine source with a high intestinal digestibility and therefore ensures the provision of bypass methionine.

In order to provide high yielding cows with the optimum level of amino acids, protected amino acids have to fulfil two important factors: rumen stability and intestinal availability.
The detailed results state that:
Fatrix Methionine achieves a rumen-stability of 75.5% at a passage rate of 8% per hour. The intestinal availability of methionine reaching 87.7% is considered very high.
The fat coating is almost completely digested, which therefore means that the largest proportion of methionine is digested and made available for the animal.
Palital offers under the Fatrix range the products Fatrix Methionine, Fatrix Choline, Fatrix Lysine and Fatrix CLA.

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