News last update:6 Aug 2012

AB Vista launches online corn quality service

AB Vista has launched a 'real time' global Corn Quality Service. The service uses Near Infra-Red (NIR) spectroscopy to predict quality of corn.

The Corn Quality Service has been developed by AB Vista and their sister company Aunir. NIR provides an alternative method to wet chemistry for analysing corn quality. Aunir has developed a database of NIR spectra from which proximate component values can be predicted and energy values estimated based on quality parameters. The results of NIR analysed via the Corn Quality Service provide AB Vista customers with instant and accurate predictions. This facilitates decision making and enables adjustments to be made in real time meaning that customers can optimise ingredients and additives use in diet formulations.
The Corn Quality Service is a sophisticated web-based tool that delivers results to the customers instantly. This in turn enables the AB Vista technical team to offer advice on how to maximise output from a particular batch of corn.  The results will be better managed in an online system which can be accessed remotely or onsite. Finally, the development of this service will allow a greater number of samples to be analysed.

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