News last update:6 Aug 2012

Bartlett Grain Co digs for new grain terminal

Right now it's just a big hole, but about this time next year Bartlett Grain Co anticipates construction of its $25 million new grain transfer facility will be near completion.

Bartlett specializes in grain merchandising and logistics, exporting, flour milling, feed manufacturing and cattle feeding and has locations in Missouri, Kansas, Colorado, Nebraska, Iowa, North and South Carolina, Texas, Virginia and Mexico.
The facility, featuring 2 million bushels of storage and a loading area big enough for a 100-car train, is the largest construction project in the history of Jacksonville (Illinois, USA).
Once constructed, the height of elevator will be at 195 feet (60 metres). Six concrete silos will be erected; each silo will stand 145 feet (44m) tall and store about 150,000 bushels. Two steel tanks, each 90 feet (27m) tall will hold a capacity of 500,000 bushels.
The location will provide storage predominantly for corn, but there will be some soybeans.
Hogenson Construction out of West Fargo, N.D., is building the grain elevator and doing all of the concrete work inside the facility.
A railroad contractor will construct 7,000 feet (2.2km) of railroad track for Kansas City Southern Railways that will loop all the way around the property.
Other companies will be involved in several other phases of the project, including putting in roads on the facility’s property, a sewer system, drains and electrical service; constructing the office and shop buildings; and installing scales and grain sampling equipment.

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