News last update:6 Aug 2012

KSE develops new bulk loading for internal transport

KSE Process Technology has developed an innovative transport system for bulk loading. This system is used for internal transport of raw materials.

The transport
In general raw materials are transported internally for example with a chain conveyor or a screw. The brand new Bulk Batch Transport (BBT) transports the raw materials in a bunker. Because the raw materials are directly loaded from bagging, big bags, or silos into the bunker there is little or no contact between the BBT and the product which results in less damage to the product.

The idea behind the BBT
“The idea of a movable transport system arose from the experience we have in flexible weighing systems and from the increasingly stringent contamination requirements we know for the PremixMineral industry. Besides the low cross-contamination was also flexibility a develop demand. The transport system needs to be used for different purposes like: weighing or not weighing, dosing with ALFRA slides or only register transported weight, filling silo’s and hereby move the silo cover from multiple collection points to a mixer or from collection points to multiple destinations”, said developer Joep Berkers.

“Another advantage of this movable transport system is the extensibility. By using the modular ALFRA dose&weigh software it’s possible to configure the system for the above purposes or expand to multiple destinations”, said Berkers.
The first BBT’s are now supplied worldwide, including Italy, Germany, Poland and Scandinavia. Due to the high demand for this product, this custom-made machine is now included inKSE’s standard product range.

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