Olmix organise their 1st Algae symposium

On the 10th of September 2012 the 1st Olmix Algae symposium “How algae can bring solutions to global nutrition and health issues” will take place in Pontivy, France.

Olmix has been using algae extract for their polysaccharides and trace-elements materials became common for Olmix in the beginning of the second millennium.

It all started when it‘s R&D team had the feeling that they could increase the binding potential of Clay by including inside algae polysaccharides. The idea was to increase the interlayer space of natural montmorillonite clay thanks to the ulvans, green algae polysaccharides. A full program was then developed with CNRS (National Center of Scientific Research) and CEVA (Center for study and valorization of algae) and gave birth to Amadeite®, the algae based revolutionary and worldwide patented hybrid material. The first great commercial success using Algae in animal feeding was born: MTX+. 

These successes encouraged the company to increase its use of algae for animal and vegetal health and nutrition. Today ULVANS, a new R&D programme, is aimed to provide even more algae based solutions to the field with more technology inside, using enzymatic hydrolysis and separation techniques from harvest to the final product. 

And now the company want to share this Algae Blue revolution for a sustainable chemistry.


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