Kalbe Farma distributes Nutriad’s products in Indonesia

Recently in Jakarta, Belgian based animal feed additives producer Nutriad International (Nutriad) and Kalbe Farma have signed a partnership agreement. Kalbe Farma will act as sole distributor of Nutriad’s products in Indonesia.

Nutriad regional director Asia-Pacific, Chew Boon Kee said, “Kalbe Farma has experience in selling feed additives. Kalbe Farma also has marketing network and is supported by an energetic young team.”

Kee added that Indonesia is a big and potential market for Nutriad’s products. “Indonesia’s economy continues to grow positively. With level of animal protein consumption is still low, meaning that there are great opportunities to grow,” he stated.

With the huge market potential and the support of Kalbe Farma, Yenyen Sugiarni - Nutriad sales manager Indonesia is optimistic that the growth of Nutriad’s products sales in the first three years will grow rapidly. “Our target is ambitious, but we have analysed the market potential,” Sugiarni said.

Sugiarni informed that in October 2012, Nutriad and Kalbe Farma will launch Adimix (sodium butyrate based product) and Unike Plus (mycotoxin inactivator).


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