Lallemand launches Melofeed at SPACE

Lallemand Animal Nutrition unveiled its new antioxidant offer: Melofeed, a complementary feed naturally rich in vegetal Superoxide Dismutase (SOD) and catalase.

Based on lyophilized melon juice naturally rich in these antioxidant active substances, Melofeed is complementary and synergistic of Lallemand organic Selenium yeast source Alkosel. It is recommended for all animal species to reduce the impact of oxidative stress on animal health and performance.

Matthieu Baulez, product manager for Monogastric Applications explains: “Animal farming practices are generating numerous stresses for the animal: gestation, farrowing, hatching, weaning, feed transitions... which are sources of oxidative stress with detrimental effects on animal health and performance.

“Supplementation with certain antioxidants substances (vitamin E, selenium...) has become a common practice, but the science of antioxidants tells us that we can do better: protection against Reactive Oxygen Species depends on several complementary pathways like, for example, the Vitamin E, SOD and glutathione peroxidase (seleno-dependant enzyme) pathways. Hence, supplementing animal diets with a cocktail of complementary antioxidants rather than saturating one single pathway with one molecule even at high dosage, at a given critical time, can offer better protection. This is why we decided to expend our antioxidant offer with Melofeed - SOD and Catalase rich ingredient.”

Melofeed is considered as a complementary feed in the EU, different regulations can apply in other territories. 


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