Locals banks take responsibility in feed supply

At the horticulture exposition Floriade in Venlo, the Netherlands, the presidents of two local Rabobank offices and representatives of the Feed Design Lab (FDL) have signed a agreement for co-operation.

The local Rabobanks from the towns of Maashorts and Venray support the initiative of a few entrepreneurs in the feed industry,  in combining education and government support in creating this Open Innovation Centre FDL. The centre innovates in the fields of animal feed and feed technology.

The Rabobank branches become an Innovation Partner/Founder and as such contribute to the programme and the investment costs. They participate in the Community Advisory Board.

J. Vinkenvleugel, president of Rabobank Venray said: “It is clear,  that in the last couple of weeks it has been shown how huge the shortage is in raw materials in the global market. This results in great challenges for a sustainable and viable protein chain. Innovation with new materials is crucial within this chain.”

H. Kuijpers, CEO of Dinnissen Process Technology said that it is “crucial that in the community of Practice of FDL all stakeholders work together in this chain. Not only feed and petfood manufacturers, but also suppliers of raw materials, ingredients and technology. Participation of a bank is a prerequisite and with this cooperation the Rabobank show their involvement with the future of their clients.”

R. Knoops, President of Rabobank Maashorst is pleased with the fact that the agriculture sector, which is crucial for the region, takes its responsibility and not moves away from problems, but tries to find solutions. “Together we know more and the chances for success are greater,” he said.


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