Quantum blue launches in Mexico

A major launch event on 20 September will see AB Vista introduce its' revolutionary phytase enzyme, Quantum Blue in Mexico.

First launched to the US market in January 2012, Quantum Blue has now been launched with great success across a number of markets, delivering performance benefits for pig and poultry producers around the world.

Hosted at Mexico City’s JW Marriott Cuidad de Mexico hotel, the Mexican launch will include a technical introduction to Quantum Blue by AB Vista Research Director, Dr Mike Bedford. In separate presentations, the company’s Global Technical Manager Tiago Dos Santos will talk about the anti-nutritive effects of phytate and the benefits of superdosing with Quantum Blue. The event as a whole has been publicised under the slogan: “Something big is coming to Mexico”.

Through its anti-nutrient effects phytate is expected to cost feed producers up to $7 per tonne in lost performance. Specifically optimised for maximum phytate destruction, Quantum Blue can deliver additional feed efficiency value at higher inclusion levels.Quantum Blue is not coated, enabling quick release of the active enzyme in the animal foregut.

Dr Mike Bedford said: “AB Vista is delighted to be introducing Quantum Blue to our growing customer base in Mexico. Aiming to help the Mexican feed industry meet today's challenges".


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