Russia's grain stockpiles decline 21%

Russia, the third biggest wheat exporter last season, had 34.6 million metric tonnes of grain stockpiles as of September 1, down 21 percent from 43.9 million tonnes last year.

Big agricultural producers had 21.1 million tonnes, down from 27.2 million tonnes a year earlier, while holdings in procurement and milling companies fell to 13.5 million tonnes from 16.7 million tonnes.

Most of the stocks are held in the Central federal district, which is 5.9 percent less than a year earlier, according to the statistics service. Inventories in the Southern area, which is the closest to Russia’s main exporting routes, fell 40 percent to 6.7 million tonnes.

Procurement firms and millers had approximately 10.2 million tonnes of wheat stocks, of which 8.2 million tonnes is of milling quality.. That’s down from about  13 million tonnes of the grain, including 10 million tonnes of milling wheat, a year earlier.

Figures do not include small, private farm or household reserves.

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