News last update:18 Sep 2012

The Customs Union help Kyrgyzstan's feed industry

Russia and Kazakhstan will help the livestock industry of Kyrgyzstan, which may soon face a shortage of feed resources due to the severe weather conditions and poor harvest of this and previous seasons.

Russian grain will go to Kyrgyzstan at the end of this year, a total amount of 100,000 tonnes, of which 20,000 tonnes will be transferred by the Russian government for free, while the remaining 80,000 on credit with deferred payment for a year. Also at the end of 2012 Kazakhstan will deliver to Kyrgyzstan 200,000 tonnes of grain on a deferred payment.

Ex-Prime Minister Omurbek Babanov of Kyrgyzstan asked for such assistance during his recent visit to Moscow.

The reason in particular, is the volume of wheat in Kyrgyzstan fell by three times in 2012  compared to the level of 2011.

"The harvest of grain and cereals crop this year is almost over. Preliminary volume of wheat crop amounted to 600,000 tonnes, while in the previous year 1.5 million tonnes of wheat were collected" reported Minister of Agriculture and Land Reclamation of the Kyrgyzstan Republic Askarbek Janybekov.

According to him, the main reason for such a sharp drop in figures was the reduction of 100 thousand hectares sown area of wheat due difficult climatic conditions in the autumn of 2011. As the result 100 thousand hectares of land, winter wheat had not been sown at all.

To prevent shortage of food and feed resources Kyrgyzstan has already imposed a ban on exports of wheat and meal.

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