Symposium offers chance to discuss antimicrobials

The NIAA (National Institute for Animal Agriculture) have created the opportunity to discuss issues of antimicrobial use and resistance at this year's "Bridging the Gap Between Animal Health and Human Health" symposium which is being held November 12-14 in Kansas City.

The time has come when academia, government researchers, the scientific community and stakeholders within animal agriculture, human medicine and the environment learn from each other and seek resolution on the polarising and the often misunderstood issues of antimicrobial use and resistance. The upcoming symposium provides a platform where individuals can hear scientific information and separate the scientific facts from perceived facts, according to Eric Moore, DVM, Merck Animal Health and co-chair of the symposium.

Engaging in meaningful dialogue and working toward resolution are key priorities of the "Bridging the Gap between Animal Health and Human Health" symposium hosted by the National Institute for Animal Agriculture Nov. 12-14 in Kansas City, Mo.

There will also be six speakers from the medical community and additional presenters from the animal agriculture and environmental health communities. Their information will help us move beyond the confines of our own disciplines so we explore new models for team science.

Finding resolution to antimicrobial resistance must begin with the end in mind—improving human and animal health.

The agenda, presentation topics and confirmed presenters for the "Bridging the Gap between Animal Health and Human Health" symposium is available online at www.animalagriculture.org.


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