Company: Sierad Produce expands its feed business

Sierad Produce (Sierad), one of the largest poultry integrators in Indonesia, will be expanding there business this year.

First, Sierad will build two breeding farms in Lebak, Banten and each breeding farm with a capacity of 200,000 birds.

Second, Sierad will continue to boost sales of animal feed. In 2012, Sierad projected that animal feed production reached 500,000 tonnes.

"Our chicken breeding and animal feed business reach 70% of total consolidated revenue," said Sandjojo.

Thirdly, Sierad will enlarge its subsidiary business, Belfoods Indonesia (Belfoods), which engages in the production of poultry processed products.

"The funding will be used to increase the production capacity of Belfoods," said Sandjojo.

Currently the production capacity of Belfoods is only 600 tonnes per month. With the additional capacity, the production capacity of Belfoods will increase to 2,000 tonnes per month.

From the business expansions, Sierad projected revenue in 2013 will grow 22% .

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