Japanese probiotic firm becomes Fefana’s first assoc member

Calpis Co., a Japanese-based company producing beverages and probiotics for human and animal use, has joined Fefana’s (EU Association of Specialty Feed Ingredients and their Mixtures) and become the organisation’s first associate member. It has no legal entity in the EU but products are regularly exported and distributed in the European market.

Didier Jans, Fefana Secretary General, as follows: “We warmly welcome Calpis as our first associate member. This is certainly a sign of how complex the global market is and the need for companies outside Europe to get closer to those working within the European food & feed law framework, which through certain aspects has a benchmark value around the world. Fefana - who this year celebrates its 50 anniversary - has already in place the right means to address the concerns and needs of the industry of the Specialty Feed Ingredients and their Mixtures within the EU and it is ready to foster collaboration with companies from all over the world that are active on the European market.”

Dr Noriko Nakamura, Calpis Technical Manager, stated that: “My company is very pleased to join Fefana, a well recognised association not only in the European territory but also worldwide. Through this membership we aim at a better understanding of the functioning of the EU rules regulating specialty feed ingredients.”

Fefana membership is open to any company involved in the business of SFIs and their Mixtures. Companies having any legal entity with corporate responsibility in manufacture, import or distribution of SFIs and their Mixtures in the EU and EFTA countries can exclusively apply for full membership; while associate membership is open to those companies with no legal entity in the EU and EFTA countries.


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