FEFANA Activity Report 2011-2013 published

FEFANA has recently published its Activity Report 2011-2013 in which it provides an overview of topics and issues the association has dealt with in the most recent years.

The re-authorisation of feed additives remained high in FEFANA agenda: the Consortia Working Groups have been working relentless on the follow-up of the submission of dossiers covering more than 1000 feed additives. EFSA has undertaken a huge task and our industry acknowledges that, though FEFANA believes the process needs to be improved in some instances to be more efficient and smooth-going. In the words of FEFANA Secretary General, Didier Jans: "FEFANA aims at a strong and balanced EFSA. Direct experience with the re-authorisation of feed additives has put us in a privileged position to work on areas that need improvements, especially in terms of refining risk management and risk assessment options."

In a number of items FEFANA members have worked hard and successfully bridging the EU legislation applicable to feed with the reality of the products: the launch of the Classification Tool, the approval of the first Mycotoxin Inactivator, the application package on Organic Farming, as well as the CLP and labelling principles for feed additives – to mention some key topics - may certainly be seen in this perspective.

FEFANA continues to be very active in both European and International forums. Through active participation to European platforms FEFANA provided its members' view to the EU Institutions and other relevant stakeholders. At International level our members have taken a leading role on projects relevant for the European industry of Specialty Feed Ingredients and their Mixtures, like the Sustainability Project (SFIS) and the Global Regulatory Convergence Project, in partnership with the International Feed industry Federation. On the global landscape the role of FAMI-QS – created 10 years ago by our industry for our industry - has certainly grown and it has positioned the European industry and legislative framework on the international market creating a benchmark for others to follow. Thus it is not surprising that FEFANA membership has open its doors to companies with legal entities outside the EU and EFTA countries, which are now entitled to have an associate status.

Though member companies represent FEFANA's engine through their participation to Working Groups and Task Forces, the role of the National Platforms remains essential for the well-functioning of the association. They continue to ensure a proper exchange at national level based on what is more pertinent or significant in a specific territory of the EU and make the united voice of our industry heard and understood.

The year 2013 has seen the celebrations of FEFANA 50th Anniversary which was the perfect occasion to reflect about the past, the present and the future of the association. The evolution of FEFANA over time has been influenced by the European Union policy on food and feed safety to which we remain highly committed to contributing to the effective implementation of relevant legislation.

The online version of the Activity Report is available on FEFANA website here.


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