Victam and melons in latest AllAboutFeed

The May issue of AllAboutFeed is now available online. This issue delves in to the positive characteristics of a certain type of melon. The extracted juice shows promise in animal diets. We also name the 10 companies that are running for the prestigious FIAAP/AllAboutFeed award and we explain the possibilities of NIR in the whole feed production chain.

Melon juice as novel feed additive

We already know Mother Nature knows best and the best solutions often come from nature. Think of the powerful plant extracts and essential oils that are often used as feed additives. But also the juice extract from some specific kinds of melons possess great characteristics and thus potential for animal diets. This novel ingredient acts as an antioxidant; an ingredient that has great demand in modern livestock breeding conditions. Trials by Lallemand show great results in different animal species. Read it all in this issue.


Who will win the award?

At Victam, many awards are granted. One of them is the FIAAP/AllAboutFeed animal nutrition award. This is a cooperation of Victam and AllAboutFeed. For the 2015 edition, 10 companies are running for this prestigious award. Amongst them are new software models for better diet formulation and technological advances to make feed more digestible for example. In the preview article on page 20 of this issue you can read more about the innovations.


NIR: from field to feed

The need for proper and adequate testing of raw materials is getting bigger, as today there is a much larger variation in composition due to global trade, new varieties and different farming practices. This makes it more important to test and to know what kind of raw material you are dealing with. NIR instruments have been used for grain testing for many years, and this article on page 22 of this issue will highlight a few recent developments, as well as give an overview of its use in the value chain from field to feed.


Other topics covered in this issue:

  • Understanding the link between microbiota and piglet performance
  • New factories arise to turn flies into valuable feed protein
  • Don't let inflammation hinder animal growth
  • Current mycotoxin situation puts European pig industry at risk
  • Maintain production while tackling mycotoxins

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