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New issue of All About Feed now online

The July/August edition of All About Feed magazine has been published online. In this issue, you can read about betaine supplementation, insect protein for fish diets, nutritional ways to keep heat stress in cows under control and much more.

Betaine supplementation has numerous positive effects on animal performance. Recent studies with betaine from sugar beet molasses looked if this naturally derived betaine can substitute a certain amount of added methionine in broiler diets. According to Austrian company Agrana, the results are promising. These results can be found in the article on page 11.

The demand for the betaine product is growing. Agrana recently increased its betaine production.

Better feed efficiency with naturally sourced betaine

Promising insect protein for aqua

Insect based protein and oil are sustainable, cheap and high quality ingredients. In addition, insects are part of natural feeding regime of many animal species. According to the company Entofood, this makes these insect based ingredients ideal substitutes for fishmeal in aquafeed. All About Feed talked to Entofood about the process they use and the trials in different aqua species. The article can be read on page 29 of this issue.

Insects in animal feed. Promising, but legislation still hinders its use in the EU. Read about it in the free whitepaper.

From by-product to high quality insect protein

Methane emission control in dairy cows

Governments around the world are under pressure to deliver significant cuts in greenhouse gas emissions and there's no doubt that agriculture is very much under the spotlight. The company Alltech E-CO2 has developed on-farm environmental and carbon assessment tools designed to help agriculture address efficiency and sustainability issues. Assessments carried out on 58 dairy units across 19 countries involving more than 14,000 cows were able to deliver an extra £204 (approx €284) per cow per year on average, yet there was a significant drop in the level of CO2 emitted. Read more about it on page 24 of this issue.

Recent research also found that adding sweet sorghum to the silage mix reduces methane output in dairy cows.

Mycotoxin risk and control in a dairy herd

Also covered in this issue of All About Feed:

  • The new feed mill in Sweden, built by Van Aarsen
  • Short chain fatty acids for animal diets
  • Factors that influence feed pellet quality
  • Mycotoxin risks and control in dairy cows
  • Benefits of adding xylanases pre-pelleting

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