News last update:14 Jan 2016

Penicillium mycotoxins pose biggest threat to forage

Mycotoxins could be widespread in feed this year, according to recent figures. Alltech found 100% of grass, maize, compound feed and straights that it tested was contaminated with some kind of mycotoxin.

Alltech's Graeme Smith said the most significant finding was the fact that 87% of samples had Penicillium mycotoxins present.

"Penicillium mycotoxins are one of the biggest challenges out there. However, until now they have been the elephant in the room because we haven't been able to test for them."

Smith explained how the new 37+ test from Alltech could identify more than 37 mycotoxins, where as before only a handful could be tested for.

He also emphasised the need to use a mycotoxin binder that could cope with Penicillium species.


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