News last update:14 Jan 2016

Rapid biosensor to detect mycotoxins in wheat

The MycoHunt project of Cordis MFKK in Hungary aims at increasing the competitiveness of a large group of SMEs by developing a cost-effective method to detect infection of mycotoxin deoxynivalenol in wheat grains, a major threat to the food and feed sector of the European industry.

A group of small and medium enterprises in agriculture (SME-AGs), covering the two relevant sectors and representing vast number of sector SMEs, have put together this project in order to gain knowledge and resources to further exploit the results of the novel technology proposed by providing a thorough sampling and measurement method of grain.

Technological objectives

  • To develop effective, non-destructive sampling apparatus in order to assure adequately representative measurement aiming at 90% correlation with the bulk samples.
  • To assess detection limit of 50 ppb, efficacy, specificity and sensitivity of the sensor
  • To develop a data evaluation algorithms and to set up correlation databases
  • To develop the ‘plug & play’ disposable cartridge to house the antibody-binding assay

Scientific objectives

  • The understanding and determination of parameters (temperature, pressure, vacuum, etc) affecting the sampling precision avoiding the damaging of grain.
  • To develop immobilising methods for sensitive antibodies, and assess different approaches to enhance sensitivity, reproducibility, life-time, detection range, detection limit, and/or other specifications.
  • The investigation of the cross-reactivity of other trichothecenes such as 3-acetyl-DON, 15-acetyl-DON, nivalenol, etc.

Economic objectives

  • To realize a commercial price for the sensor while keeping the price of the whole apparatus low.

Exploitation objectives

  • The development of training activities addressed to the SME members of the SME-AGs, first in pre-validation stage in order to ensure the understanding of the technology operation before the partners initiate the validation tasks.
  • Technology transfer will be carried out to present the project results.
  • To develop a sound dissemination plan to deliver at least 4 workshops, presenting the results of the project in European conferences and specialized magazines


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