News last update:14 Jan 2016

Russia introduces tightened control on pork exports from the US

Russia introduces a number of intense laboratory controls on meat supplies from a number of US companies including Tyson Foods and Triumph Foods.

"During the laboratory studies listeria was identified in the shipment of pork that came from the US. The pork sample had been produced by Tyson Fresh Meats. Also in another samples of pork produced by Triumph Foods, traces were found of tetracycline and chlortetracycline which are prohibited in the Customs Union. Their total content was more than 10 mg / kg. "said the head of Rosselkhoznadzor Sergey Dankvert.

Tyson Foods will be the subject of special supervision also because, in all three enterprises of the company ractopamine was identified. In particular during the last monitoring, ractopamine was found in shipments of products from the enterprises N 244W (Tyson Fresh Meats), N 244I (Tyson Fresh Meats), N 17D (John Morrell), N 31 965 (Triumph Foods), N 320M (Farmland Foods), N 244M (Tyson Fresh Meats); in lots of pork, pork cheeks and pork hearts, produced by the enterprise N 717 (Farmland Foods), in quantities of pork and pork cheeks, produced by the enterprise N 18079 (Smithfield Packing Inc).

"Taking into account that the violations have a primary character, Rosselkhoznadzor found it necessary to introduce a regime of intensive laboratory testing from the supply of US meat production from the enterprises NN 244W, 244I, 17D, 31 965, 320M, 244M. In the case of the continuation of violations, Rosselkhoznadzor will be forced to introduce temporary restrictions on the supply of products from these companies to Russia. "stated Deputy Head of Rosselkhoznadzor Eugene Nepoklonov.

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