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Canada: Doctors want to restrict antibiotics in livestock

A report, “When Antibiotics Stop Working” by the Ontario Medical Association has called on the government to impose stricter guidelines with regard to the use of antibiotics in farm animals in order to address the issue of antibiotic resistance in humans, while there is still time.

According to the new infections with antibiotic-resistant bacteria are becoming more frequent and difficult to treat, resulting in serious illness and even death. Ontario’s doctors warn that the over-use of these crucial medicines weakens their ability to save human lives; we call on federal and provincial governments to immediately enact regulatory changes that will help to reverse this threat by reducing the growth of antibiotic resistant bacteria.

It is important that everyone who has access to antibiotics shift perspectives and begin to use them as responsibly and prudently as possible. Using antibiotics more carefully, for example, means closing the loophole that allows farmers to feed these medications to their livestock without prescriptions simply to promote growth.

Among the recommendations:

  • Develop a system for farm industry surveillance to keep track of the identities and quantities of antibiotics being purchased, and those being moved into or out of Ontario. Currently, surveillance of antibiotic movement does not exist in the province;
  • A veterinary prescription-only standard of access to antibiotics for animals must be instituted;
  • Amend the Food and Drugs Act and its Regulations to close the loophole allowing farmers to import antibiotics for their own use.

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  • Dr.VJS Sidhaye

    No doubt there must be some restrictions to use antibiotics in livestock but can human medicine practitioners think many times before using higher antibiotics in their patients? I hope there are rules in Canada for using antibiotics in livestock , having withdrawal time before use of milk,meat.
    There is atmost need to use herbal preparations which have atibiotic activity in human as well as livestock practice.These preparations will not have resistance mode in human life.
    To keep animals in healthy conditions as well to combat bacterial infection to get
    clean producton, no alternative to antibiotcs.Field research is on to get suitable pre and probiotics to replace some % of antibiotics.
    Vet Dr.Vasudeo Sidhaye, Pune (INDIA),24.03.13

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