News last update:14 Jan 2016

Tainted horse feed kills another horse

A fourth horse at Masterpiece Equestrian Center in Davie has died because of complications from eating tainted feed manufactured by Lakeland Animal Nutrition.

As previously mentioned on AllAboutFeed, horse feed manufacturer Lakeland Animal Nutrition had recalled some of its horse feed products due to them containing ingredients that could kill horses.

Subsequent testing commissioned by the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services showed four product samples contaminated by monensin and one by lasalocid, a similar growth promoter for cattle.

The contamination was discovered after three horses died in late October at Masterpiece, a high-end training school for competitive horses and riders. The health of the remaining 18 horses is deteriorating to the point none are expected to survive by the end of the year,  said Debra Buis, a spokeswoman for the centre and owner of one of the 22 horses who ate feed contaminated with the antibiotic monensin.

Andrew Yaffa, the lawyer representing Masterpiece and the owners, said he is still discussing an out-of-court settlement with Animal Nutrition officials and expects a decision by year end. "It's still my hope the company is going to accept responsibility and take care of all the damages they've caused," he said.

"We are very saddened that four horses have died at Masterpiece Equestrian," Jonathan Lang, Animal Nutrition's general manager, said in an email to The Ledger. "The owners and families at the facility have our deepest sympathies following the loss of a fourth horse this week." The 8-year-old registered quarter horse was euthanised Monday because of its deteriorating health.

Animal Nutrition continues to work with "relevant authorities in their ongoing investigations," he added. The company announced in November it would cease production of horse feed and closed its sole retail outlet, Lakeland Cash Feed.


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