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Workshop: Insect production, processing and legislation

After a successful first edition, the International Insect Centre and her partners organise a second workshop, which will be held on February 18 2016.

Insects are widely considered as a promising and sustainable ingredient for feed and food. For many entrepreneurs and businesses this is an opportunity to create new business. To start insect rearing is not a matter of trial and error anymore, but information is scarce and not everything is available and researched. This is the reason why the International Insect Centre and her partners organise this workshop to give participants basic information on the insect business.

This workshop gives an overview of existing knowledge and experience and is valuable for any company that wants to start in the insect sector for feed and food on a commercial base or businesses related to insect rearing for feed and food.

What to expect from the workshop:

• Basics on insect biology in relation to rearing
• Insects and its market potential
• Insect production: Current status of production and technology
• Legislation, safety and quality
• Research performed in the Netherlands at HAS and WUR
• Excursion to research facilities at WUR

The lecturers are from Wageningen University and Research Centre (WUR), HAS University of Applied Sciences and NGN. All presentations will be done in English.

For more information and registration, please send an email to:

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  • br akanbi

    Hi Emmy,
    I always enjoy reading your articles on the directions of the feed industry. and I will like to be present at the workshop come february 18th, 2018.
    The emerging insect meal industry is a game changer that is about to revolutionise the feed industry on a global scale
    The insect meal market offers opportunies for old and new players and to africans, for Africans is the opportunity to develop with the rest of the world at a respectable distance which is not very far behind like in the past
    I can be available in the Netherland from February 18th--23rd or February 12th---18th, but is it possible to have some other arrangements thrown in such as extruder training, visitation to a working farm, and engagements with people in the industry to enrich my knowledge or any other stuffs you may like to suggest
    Will appreciate anything that can be done to make the trip worthwhile

    Rafiu Akanbi

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