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Rubber seed residues as animal feed

Residues from rubber seeds can be used to enrich animal feed. This is stated in the PhD study from Widyarani, who defended this research study at Wageningen University in the Netherlands.

In Indonesia, the oil production from the rubber tree, oil palm or Jatropha seeds results in solid waste streams that contain protein. These protein fractions can be utilised for animal feed.

Rubber seed was selected by the researchers for its protein and oil contents, as well as its availability in the study area. The experimental work of Widyarani comprised optimising protein extraction, protein hydrolysis, and separation of free amino acids from hydrolysates. The whole rubber tree chain, including latex and wood production, was analysed for additional options for protein recovery. Next to rubber seeds, leaves from rubber trees appeared to be a promising protein source.

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  • emily bone

    Livestock and poultry farmers, mainly those in Nigeria and neighboring countries are faced with the problems of continual inadequacy of feed stuffs. How can this problem solve?


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