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€1.3m for nextProtein to invest in insects for feed

NextProtein, a French-Tunisian agri-tech startup, specialised in producing animal feed from insect larvae has received €1.3 million in fundraising.

This makes it possible to scale up production at its new expanded operations in 2017. The company uses Black Soldier Fly larvae and process them into valuable components for aquaculture, livestock and pet food, and agricultural fertiliser.

After reaching the 2016 daily milestone of producing 30 kg of insect larvae from 300 kg of fruit and vegetable waste, nextProtein aims to convert between five and 10 tonnes of organic waste into one tonne of protein and oil from its new 2500m2 production site and its 15-person team, in 2017.


  • fu wen jiang

    Good news for insects


    the project and the idea are great.

    i was rased eating eggs and chicken raised and grown eating worms, larvae, insects scratched from horse, cow and pig manure...

    The "bureucrats" are (already) on their way to destroy it these project

    remember the recent stories (never proved) about mad cow disease and all the conflicts generated by them (the bureucrats) payed by all of us!

    I am 72 veterinarian and.... counting

    good luck and lots of patience for the "mad" entrepreneurs on the subject!

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