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New Australian cricket farm gets green light

Grubs-Up, a cricket farm in Western Australia is currently selling insects for human consumption, but animal feed is also an option.

The Australian website ABC rural reports that this farm has now officially been given the green light to sell their insects for human consumption. This makes it the 2nd edible cricket farm in Australia to enter the market with their products.

Photo: Shutterstock
Photo: Shutterstock

Selling edible crickets to consumers

Paula Pownall, founder of Grubs-Up is excited to finally be able to sell the crickets to consumers. "It means that we can actually sell that product and really upscale our business and production on a commercial level," she said.

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Animal feed business

Coming from an agricultural background Ms Pownall said she also hoped to get into the animal feed business down the track, working with other cricket breeders who produce crickets for animal feed purposes to commercialise the product. "I really think there's value in commercialising this animal feed system so if there was another 300 cricket farms in Australia that would really get me excited."

Source: ABC

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