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Book: Insights in dietary fibre functions

Dietary fibre is of interest to both science and industry, and yet despite growing awareness of its benefits to health and nutrition, intakes remain below the recommended level.

Industry has responded by developing new applications, products and processes to help consumers increase their fibre intake in a convenient way.

While regulations on health claims are being developed for example in the EU, some countries have allowed the use of health claims to help promote consumer awareness of the benefits of a higher fibre intake, and to inform consumers of good sources of fibre.

More science
At the same time science is developing the concept of dietary fibre. The mechanisms and actual components behind the physiological effects are of particular interest, and so are the analytical tools to measure these.

The fate of dietary fibre in the gut, where certain fibre components are fermented and converted by microbes gains a great deal of attention. The role of molecular weight and viscosity of dietary fibre components in determining the health benefits are also discussed.

This book is essential reading for all researchers and those who concern themselves with bioprocesses and food technology.

'Dietary fibre components and functions' is edited by: Hannu Salovaara, Fred Gates and Maija Tenkanen.

Table of contents,  2007 – 344 pages – hardbound – ISBN: 978-90-8686-019-7 – € 85 – US$ 110

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