News last update:6 Aug 2012

Soda Feed Ingredients strengthens in EU

Soda Feed Ingredients is now directly in charge of distributing its microencapsulated feed ingredients in Germany in cooperation with Heinicke GmbH as the exclusive agent, and in Benelux with Belgian based distributor HUVEPHARMA.

Soda Feed Ingredients, based in Monaco with its production plant in northern Italy, has got over 20 years of experience in microencapsulating cost effective feed ingredients. Its microencapsulated products RepaXol (double coated essential oils), NutriCAB (protected source of Calcium Chloride) FORMYL (protected source of formic acid) and others are now available thanks to highly qualified distribution partners.

All the main European Markets are directly supplied by SODA Feed Ingredients that counts distribution synergies also in Spain, Eastern Europe and UK, while the French and the Italian market are managed directly by SODA's sales and technical team.

Soda Feed Ingredients has been the first company to introduce microencapsulated blend of acids in 1995 in the German market and its products (Aciprol, AciXol, FrormaXol etc.) have been distributed over the past ten years by HGS GmbH (Tessenderlo Group). This commercial reorganization is the result of the modernization of SODA Feed Ingredients strategic plans, in order to better support the customer needs thanks to its new Technical Service Division.

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