News last update:6 Aug 2012

Wageningen UR invests in DNA mapping

Wageningen University and Research Centre (Wageningen UR) is investing in 'second generation' equipment for DNA sequencing. With the purchase of a new genome sequencer, the university can determine the entire DNA structure of plants, animals and micro-organisms on a much larger scale.

The new genome sequencer will be placed at the Bioscience business unit of Plant Research International. This institute was part of the global research network that first charted and published the complete DNA (the genome) of a plant.

Solve new research issues
Wageningen UR expects to be able to read DNA 500 times faster with the new equipment and will work together with the equipment manufacturer to further develop analysis protocols.

This revolutionary development in DNA sequencing technology will solve new research issues, especially with regard to the relationship between DNA base sequences and the resulting traits of an organism. It will also be possible to compare the entire DNA of plant and animal species and varieties. The resulting knowledge will lead to more efficient and faster work processes in the (plant) breeding sectors and will also be used for white bio-technology and ecological research.

It is expected that the new equipment will be in service in December this year.

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