News last update:7 Aug 2012

Ministers to authorise GM potato and maize

The European Commission said it has transmitted proposals to ministers for the authorisation of four GM maize and potato products.

This is the next step in procedure following the failure of the commission's standing committee on the food chain and animal health - which comprises officials from all EU member states - to reach a definitive opinion either for or against the proposed authorisations on Oct 10.

The four GM maize products, produced by US biotech group Monsanto Corp, are hybrids, produced from combinations of GMOs already authorised at European level.  The proposal is to authorise them for food and feed use and for import and processing, but not for cultivation.

The GM potato 'Amflora' , produced by German chemicals group BASF AG, is genetically modified for a higher starch yield, and would be used primarily for industrial purposes. The by-products from the industrial processes would also be allowed for use for animal feed.

When approved the authorisations are valid for 10 years. Products made from these varieties would need labelling according to EU laws. Ministers have three months to reach a position on these dossiers or they will be sent back to the commission for final adoption.

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