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Canadian grain crop up in 2007/08

Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada is forecasting that nation's 2007/08 total grain and oilseed crop at 67,200 million tons, steady with the January forecast and up nearly 3 million tons from the 64,423 million collected in 2006/07. The increase is primarily attributed to larger planted area for most crops.

Total wheat production is projected at 25,375 million tons, compared to 27,277 million in 2006/07. Wheat exports are seen at 16.8 million tons, down 3 million from 2006/07, with domestic use placed at 9.79 million, an increase of 485,000. 2007/08 ending stocks are expected to be 6.7 million tons, down 200,000 from the January report and 1.2 million less than 2006/07.

Durum production is estimated at 4.5 million tons, compared to the 2006/07 total of 3.821 million. Exports are expected to be 3.8 million tons, down a half million from the prior year. Domestic usage is expected to rise slightly, from 888,000 tons in 2006/07 to 901,000 in 2007/08. Ending stocks are pegged at 1.7 million tons, compared to the previous forecast of 1.8 million and the 2006/07 final of 1.9 million.

Barley production
Barley production is expected to be 12.8 million tons, compared to 2006/07's 10.005 million. Exports are pegged at 2.4 million ton, which would be an increase of 100,000. 2007/08 domestic usage is now placed at 9.535 million tons, compared to the January forecast of 10.035 million and 2006/07 figure of 9.533 million. 2007/08 ending stocks are seen at 2.4 million tons, 400,000 more than in January and up 900,000 from 2006/07.

Corn production
2007/08 Canadian corn production is estimated at 11 million tons, up from 2006/07's total of 9.268 million. Exports are seen at 200,000 tons, up 50,000 from the 2006/07 figure. Domestic usage is placed at 12.7 million tons, compared to the January forecast of 13.1 million and the 2006/07 total of 11.519 million. Corn ending stocks of 1.8 million tons would be up 300,000 from January and 100,000 more than the prior year.

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