News last update:6 Aug 2012

China improves food safety issues

Chinese Agriculture Minister, Sun Zhengcai, has set his goals on improving the monitoring of food products at production sites and in supermarkets. The focus will be on veterinary products, pesticides, fertilizers and feed additives, which are banned or limited in application.

Recent incidences of food safety issues in China included turbot and mandarin fish, and hens and ducks that were given cancer-inducing Sudan Red dye to impart red colour to their egg yolks. A report by Asian Development Bank therefore criticized the food safety supervision system of China.

The report stated that unsafe food is a threat to public health and would also influence the farmers income and China's trade position. It informed that the State Administration of Food and Medicine of China should made huge efforts to improve the food safety regulation and monitoring. The Chinese Agriculture Minister, Sun Zhengcai recognized the problem and now has made his first efforts to improve the situation.

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