News last update:6 Aug 2012

Condensed DDGS product is more stable

Producers have more than wet and dry options when feeding distillers grains to their livestock, according to Montana rancher Irv Haidle.

Feeding distillers grains is beneficial to the livestock industry, but they don't have a long shelf life. The company SweetPro took the dried distillers grains a step further in the drying process and condensed the product into a block. "By taking all the water out and putting it in the block, the distillers grains become stable for 18 months because of the enzymes and yeast that are in the product," explained Haidle. "It becomes storable and shippable."

Added value
"To add value, SweetPro put organic minerals, nutrients and salt in the center," said Haidle. "This is what they call the ProBioTein, which has digestive aids comprised of agents used in ethanol production. The products are distributed using distillers grains blocks, which include lick blocks and granular pellets for horses."

Cattle that consume the product have improved feed utilization, consumption and gain in growing cattle because not a lot of energy is used in digestion. In addition, the cattle have shown 125% utilization and enhanced digestibility of poor quality hay, said Haidle.

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