News last update:6 Aug 2012

Commission shelves organic poultry feed proposals

Proposed changes to feed ingredients for organic poultry farmers in the EU have been shelved, to the relief of the industry.

The British National Farmers Union (NFU) has welcomed the news that the EU is delaying a decision on its controversial plans to introduce stringent changes to feed regulations in organic poultry production from 1 January, and urged producers to carry on as normal.
The European Commission is committed to ending the derogation for non-organic poultry feed and implement a 100% organic diet.
It also wants to force producers to grow a large proportion of feed on their own holding or region, amounting to 40% of feed for monogastric animals and 70% of herbivore feed ingredients.
These changes were due to take effect on 1 January, however, the EU has delayed the introduction to an unspecified ‘later date’.
Not good for organic industry
The NFU has lobbied vigorously against the changes, maintaining they would have a seriously detrimental effect on the organic poultry industry.
It has previously said that uncertainties over the EU directives post-2013 was leaving producers on a knife edge.
Martin Humphrey, NFU poultry board member and organic feed compounder, said: “While we await confirmation on the proposed text for the legislation, it looks clear that the EU will not implement 100% organic diets and will allow producers to continue with the current 95% diets for a limited amount of time.’
“With 95% diets, producers are able to ensure that the bird’s nutrition is satisfied and that their welfare is not compromised, whereas with 100% diets, bird welfare is challenged."
“We now need to turn our attention towards guiding the EU towards implementing a sustainable course for organic poultry, which pragmatically addresses bird-feeding requirements.”

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