News last update:6 Aug 2012

$22 million grant for University of Saskatchewan

The Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI) awarded CAN$22 million (US$19.4m) for four major projects at the University of Saskatchewan to advance research into the health of agricultural workers and high-value feed products, metals in the brain, and toxins in water.

CFI will provide up to 40% of the total $54.7 million (US$48.25m) in funding for the projects, with the balance to be made up from the U of S  and other partners. The funding is part of more than $422 million (US$327m) in investments to support 86 projects at 35 institutions across Canada.

Feed technology research
One of the four U of S projects that will be initiated includes a project that will explore challenges related to the burgeoning bioproducts industry, such as how to make high-value animal feed products from low-value crops and by-products created by biofuel plants. This $12.6-million (US$11.11m) project will be led by U of S researcher Bernard Laarveld.

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