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AminoNews-3rd Edition in 2006 is now available

The Feed Additives Business Unit of Degussa AG, Dusseldorf has now published the third edition in 2006 of its customer magazine AminoNews for the compound feed industry. From now on the customer magazine will be available as a Chinese version apart the English, Spanish and German.

The contribution of Dr. Andreas Lemme: "Phase Feeding in Broiler Production – Potential and Risks" provides a deep insight at potential of adequate nutrition through all growing phases. Careful examination about the numbers and lengths of phases today usually used are essential. The other two articles are: "Factors that Affect Pellet Quality", by Dan Poole and "A Review of the Brazilian Poultry Business", by Álvaro Mário Burin and Leandro Hackenhaar.

Featuring as "Research Highlights", the magazine also reports on current developments and latest scientific publications on amino acids for animal nutrition.

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