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Belgium code for using chemicals in food and feed

The Federation of the Belgium Chemical Industries (Fedichem), the Federation for the Food industry (Fevia) and the cooperative of the Belgium feed producers (Bemefa) have developed a code of conduct regarding the use of chemicals in food and feed. This code was established in close cooperation with the Belgium Food Agency (FAVV).

This code is a result of the incidence last spring, when dioxins were found in gelatine through contaminated hydrochloric acid. The contaminated gelatine was used in animal feed and caused many problems in Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany. The FAVV then asked all the parties involved to initiate new ideas to prevent such scares from happening in the food chain.

Good communication
The code describes the responsibilities and roles of the sectors. The general principles of the code include good communication between producers and distributors and buyers of the chemical compounds. Contract agreements should make the distribution of chemical compounds more traceable and clear.

New milestone
The code has been signed on the 5th of December by Fedichem, Fevia and Bemefa in presence of the Belgium Minister of Public Health, Rudy Demotte. The FAVV sees this code as a new milestone regarding food safety in Belgium.

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