News last update:6 Aug 2012

Large scale shrimp trials with new feed additive

The government of Vietnam has approved large-scale trials of the immuno-stimulant Shrimp IMS, a new feed additive for shrimps to protect against a range of diseases.

Shrimp IMS is a protein-based therapeutic feed additive that stimulates the natural immune system of shrimp resulting in significantly enhanced disease resistance. Several years of laboratory evaluations and controlled disease challenges followed by field trials in Thailand, Belize, Ecuador and Mexico demonstrated consistent improvements in survival (+30%) of farmed shrimp treated with the product. Now, also large trials in Vietnam will be carried out.

Shrimp IMS was authorized late last year by Vietnam's National Aquaculture and Fisheries Quality Assurance Veterinary Directorate (NAFIQAVAD). This new additive is an addition to the contract awarded to the producer of the additive Aqua Bounty Technologies earlier in 2006 to supply shrimp disease diagnostic kits to government laboratories nationwide. Trails in Vietnam will start soon.

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