News last update:6 Aug 2012

UK: Food from GM fed animals need label

Nearly all the milk, dairy products and pork in UK supermarkets are being produced from animals fed on genetically modified (GM) crops, and none of this is labelled, claims the Soil Association.

Director Patrick Holden said the situation amounted to “deception on a grand scale”. Supermarkets are widely allowing the use of GM feed, said the association, after it tested animal feed and reviewed company policies.

Because of a legal loophole, there is no requirement to label food produced from GM-fed animals so shoppers will find it hard to avoid food produced from GM. Only by buying organic food could consumers guarantee their food was GM-free, the Soil Association said. It added: “For non-organic food, Marks & Spencer offers the only refuge in offering all its milk and fresh meat from non-GM feed, but it does allow GM feed for its frozen and processed foods.
Holden added: “While it is excellent that Marks & Spencer and the poultry industry have restricted GM feed already, all retailers and food sectors should follow their lead. We also call on the supermarkets to label these products so they are being honest with their customers."

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