News last update:6 Aug 2012

Ajinomoto increases its L-Arginine prices

Ajinomoto Aminoscience LLC ("Ajinomoto") has announced that increasing raw material and energy costs at its production facilities have lead to a price increase for all L-Arginine products. Prices will increase by U.S. $1/ kg.

Ajinomoto uses fermentation technology to manufacture most of the amino acids it sells. This technology produces very pure, high quality amino acids of non-animal origin. Other manufacturers may use an extraction process which often utilizes starting material from animal origin, although less expensive, the resulting products are often of lesser quality.
The raw material Ajinomoto most frequently uses in its production of L-Arginine is corn starch. Corn prices have more than doubled in the last six months due to greater conversion to fuel ethanol.

Keep the quality
"We have been forced to increase the price of L-Arginine due to these significantly higher costs," said Jack Heaton, President of Ajinomoto Aminoscience. "We also believe that it is imperative for us to continue to use the same quality, non-animal raw materials which result in the highest quality amino acids available."

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