News last update:6 Aug 2012

Higher yields from herbal ingredients

The Thailand Research Fund has developed 21 herbal ingredients as supplements in animal feed to increase production of meat and improve its safety.

The herbal ingredients are developed to be mixed with meal. Livestock diets that include such meal with herbal ingredients will eat more, yield more meat by weight and produce higher quality meat with no residues. According to Chanjaras Rieodecha, director of the agriculture division, the research was aimed at serving both farmers and manufacturers so they can use those herbal ingredients to achieve sustainable development.

Boost for export market
"Using those ingredients will allow them add more value and boost exports through local wisdom, particularly herbal knowledge," Chanjaras said. Herbs that the Thailand Research Fund selected for research and development include chillies and essential oils from turmeric. These extracts' quality is high enough to replace antibiotics in treating livestock and meet international demands. "Those natural supplements in feed meal will facilitate the Kingdom's exports to markets with stringent import restrictions, such as the European Union," she said.

Nantawan Bunyapraphasara, a pharmacy lecturer at Mahidol University, said the project had mixed extracts of chilli in chicken meal. The results showed that chickens eat more and yield a better feed conversion ratio. In addition, cholesterol in egg yolks is reduced to a maximum of 15%.
With pigs, the natural extracts boosted their size by 10% while lowering fat and enhancing meat quality. She said other oils from herbs could be developed as essential oils for antiseptic products, particularly for the dairy industry.

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