News last update:6 Aug 2012

Man falls in grain bin and dies

A man died after falling in a grain storage bin at a Montcalm County farm in Michigan USA.

While a collegue was loading shelled corn from the 10,000 bushel bin into a semi truck's trailer, the 65 old Russel Fisk went to the top of the bin to break away frozen corn that blocked an airshaft. That is when he slipped and fell into the bin. Fisk was pulled to the bottom of the bin due to the action of the auger removing the corn.

"He stepped into the bin, either broke through the crust or had fallen into the middle, and once that process begins it's like quicksand, you simply go to the bottom," according to Montcalm County Sheriff William Barnwell.

After about three hours of furious, yet careful, digging, members of Montcalm County's Specialized Emergency Response Team pulled the man from the bottom of the bin. He was pronounced dead at the scene after suffocating, according to authorities' preliminary investigation.

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